The first and primary goal was to improve the amount of information given to customers about the service, how it works and pricing.

The second goal was to create a website that gave customers a better experience when viewing the website on mobile devices.

And third, to bring the website’s design inline with the new brand identity, giving a unified, professional and informative appearance, worthy of the service.

The Website

With a website that is doing a good job at converting customers, it was a difficult decision to risk giving the website such a massive visual overrall. However, it was time to give customers a better experience, one that fitted with the brand update and gave them a better understanding of the service and more information.

Product Pages

Here are a five of six planned product pages, that were designed and ready for production. The purpose of these pages is to give the customer detailed information about each product, all costs & allowances and for them to check the availability of these services in their area before they actually sign up to the Split The Bills service.

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