Ian Street PT

The Logo

Having just qualified as a PT, my best friend was looking for a logo that showed strength and stature, whilst also incorporating some form of gym equipment. While using a barbell in the logo is not particularly unique, I believe its combination with other elements has created a logo that is unusual and strong; setting him apart

The Imagery

As with a lot of fitness brands, imagery is key to selling the service. Unfortunately, with a tight budget custom imagery was not an option, so stock photography was a low cost solution.

In order to make the imagery unique, I stylised them using a blue gradient map and a tighter crop. This helped put them front and centre as stand alone images or as backgrounds to a much larger design.


As part of the help I provided, I also created a brief marketing plan that focused on the use of print advertising and social media. This low cost approach was decided upon to maximise his investment by aiming his service at those who require personal training sessions at home to fit their busy schedules.

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