The Logo

Refining a logo that had been established for nearly 4 years was no easy task, but it was something that needed doing. The changes are subtle; the typeface has been replaced with one that is softer, modern and approachable, whilst the house icon has simply had the spacing between the slices increased for legibility.

The Service Icons

As the brand developed, the unique illustration style of Raven Cruz became essential to the visual identity. This made it apparent, that the existing service icons also needed to be given an update. So with Raven’s help, we created new illustrated icons for each of the services that Split The Bills offers.

The Colours

The vivid magenta colour was chosen, not just because it was part of the existing brand palette, but also because it reflects who they are and how they treat their customers.

According to colour psychology, pink is the colour of unconditional love and nuturing. It can also be immature and silly, characteristics that quite accurately describe the people within the company.

The Typography

A new typeface has been introduced, that softens the feel of the brand’s written word. With subtle curves, an approachable yet professional tone of voice has been created. The combination of weights project a sense of fun and approachability, that is also professional and will communicate to their target market efficently.

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